EXP South Africa is a specialist Experiential Marketing agency.
Offering four key services namely Sponsorship Marketing, Brand Activation, Public Relation and Pan-African Consulting. We are passionate about advising the best possible communication insight, strategy and creative to our clients (think), developing measurable brand campaigns (create) and delivering memorable consumer experiences (do).

EXP announces exciting changes for 2014

A plan that has been brewing in the executive boardrooms of EXP SA is about to be revealed. And as any respectable brew master would know, the real test lies in the tasting thereof.

The “tasting” will come early next year when EXP SA will formally reveal the expansion plan for the business in 2014 and beyond, with the launch of four independent companies operating under a new group structure.

For now, all that can be said as a taste of what’s to come, is that EXP SA is looking to diversify its existing business - which currently comprises of four core service offerings in the form of sponsorship consulting, brand activation, public relations and eventing - by creating specialist businesses off the back of these current service offerings in 2014.

CEO of the agency Sandile Ndzekeli says while 2013 has been a tough year, exciting opportunities lie ahead for the company, which has predominantly been known as a sponsorship consulting agency: “We have acknowledged international trends towards specialisation and in doing so we have restructured and reengineered our business so that we can meet this expectation.”

“For the past 12 months, the management team of EXP SA have been hard at work reshaping the direction of the business in line with our medium term growth strategy. This fundamental shift has brought us to the point where we are about to break new ground and take steps in a new direction. In the Brand Activation space, this will see an exciting shift in the business towards the inclusion of digital, with the appointment of a specialist team who will be tasked with the development of innovative campaigns cutting across the live and digital space,” says Ndzekeli.

In 2011 EXP SA launched its PR and Events business units to support the existing sponsorship accounts. Now these business units have their own clients and continue to grow extensively. “The natural progression from this phase is to provide a full suite of PR services, branching from Brand PR into Corporate PR as well in 2014, so we can fully support the public relations requirements of our clients and the industry,” explains Ndzekeli.

“Our sponsorship offering has received industry acknowledgement over the years and has allowed us to develop a national footprint that is able to deliver on the ground in all provinces in South Africa, as well as throughout Africa.  We will be consolidating our branding, logistics and warehousing services to offer turnkey solutions to our current and future clients. This too will be a standalone business,” says Ndzekeli.

“These are exciting times indeed,” says Ndzekeli. “The new managing directors of each company whom we’ve headhunted to lead our specialist businesses are amongst the top in their respective fields, and tempting as it may be to announce who they are, we will only be doing so in early January 2014.”

“Let’s just say, we are particularly excited about 2014 and we look forward to bringing clients in the South African and sub-Saharan markets the best in class, as a group of specialist marketing companies in 2014 and beyond,” he says.

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